Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Evening Comes Sweetly

Evening Falls Sweetly

By Elece Hollis

  • The sun is sinking and the clouds are bottom rimmed with gold.

  • Two geese fly honking overhead to settle on the farm pond for the evening.

  • A mockingbird runs through his whole repertoire.

  • Bees buzz in the clover.

  • The air smells of wild onion, cut grass, and wild garlic.

  • Dandelions give up their gray hairs like tiny seed parachutes on the wind.

  • Woodpecker rat-a-tat-tats on a tree in the apple orchard.

  • Peonies are tight pink buds …waiting…waiting.

  • Spring breeze rustles the tree's newborn leaves and makes the swoosh and sweep of a waterfall.

  • Across the road Locust blossoms sway like strands of orchids in the trees.

  • The wind chimes jingle and tinkle as if to complete the percussion of the symphony.

  • An owl calls from one of the great old oaks down beside the creek.

  • The creek's water trickles and sings as settling into its bed.

  • Hydrangea smells sweet in the falling light.

  • Swallows swoop and sweep like black satin ribbons.

  • Evening comes sweetly on the prairie.