Friday, October 29, 2010

Prairie Wildflower

This prairie wildflower is a single stem...
                                                                         called Broom Weed.
The vase from this angle looks about to slid across the table.
I like how the Broom weed looked in the old bottle.
I love the tiny bright yellow blossoms like asters.

The sunlight reflected on the table turned out a delightful blue
Like a piece of sky coming indoors to join us for lunch!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Church Building

 This is a strange old building I found along a dirt road off Hyw.16. It looked very old but it appears to be made of cinder block. So, how old could it be? How did it lose its roof? Why such a large doorway?
 It had church or school style windows. I wonder about its use. Was it burned? It doesn't appear to have burn damage. maybe it was never finished. Maybe it lost its roof in a tornado.
 Can you spot the piece of concrete that is covering the well or cistern?
I love the old fence post and the conglomeration of wires.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Tire Swing and a Cellar

A dirt driveway meandered off into the woods. I wondered where it led. 

The ruins of an old abandoned house greeted us. Who once lived there? I guessed some grandparents who were visited summers and holidays by happy grandchildren.

 This old tire swing was what caught my eye and made me wonder about the place. Look at the curve of tree limb. The house was a shambles, not safe to explore inside or even around.

The swing, we noticed was hung on a piece of old bailing or fence wire.

The chimney of the fireplace was unusual, made of stone. I can imagine a cold winter night and the family sitting comfortably inside watching a fire.Grandma in her rocking chair and several with blankets wrapped around their shoulders. Grandpa would be telling stories.
Vines and underbrush have nearly taken the house. Soon it will collapse and the prairie take back the land.

An old cellar sat beside the house at the back of the property.

This cellar was like a dugout cut into the banks so that the roof was barely above the level of the ground.

This cellar's door was gone. It would be a place for kids to play on hot days and for the family to hide out during tornado weather. Pretty spooky looking but not a deep or treacherous cellar like some I have found. I enjoy guessing about the people who might have lived in prairie places like this. Did they homestead  and keep the land in the family for many years? Who were they? What were their names?